The first contact between a patient and the receiving structure of a doctor, is necessarily a telephone contact.

While this allows the practical possibility to be reached very quickly, it is equally true that many patients live your phone as the means that less like to approach a medical reference structure, having to present yourself and explain your problem . Especially in the field of andrology, the patient who contact us do not show up alone with his disease, but it is preceded and conditioned by what the same disease, with time, he moved into his state of mind and the state of his thoughts. 

Welcome, for us, it is to have the intention and ability to “accommodate”, from the first phone call, not only you, and not only the organic problem that caused you to make calls but also your story, and all I feel you be “today.”

E ‘for this reason that the first contact you have, even if phone, will not prevent us to make you feel at complete ease, and will not cause you to feel of resistance or feelings of embarrassment.

Consider the soul ease, the first contrast to the discomfort of the body. Patients who come from places situated outside Rome (whether domestic or foreign), we are able to organize a dedicated and exclusive service, both incoming and departing from the airports or railway stations of the capital. Our staff will also provide support and useful suggestions to live, alone or with your loved ones, the best the city, and we are able to provide a customized plan your stay and your events, both past that after surgery care and the solution of your disease, begins with taking care of your person.

Gabriele Antonini