Cavernous Apex Reconstruction

Tri-component prosthetics offer a more natural erection and greater flaccidity compared with bi-component or malleable prosthetics.

The entire procedure can be carried out via a single 2cm access incision in the infrapubic region with a view to reducing the surgery’s invasiveness. The system is filled with sterile saline solution and its tubes are connected up to form a closed system, completely hidden within the body.

In order to inflate the device and achieve an erection, you simply press on the pump several times, which causes the saline solution to pass from the reservoir through the tube into the cylinders placed in the corpus cavernosum, creating an optimal level of rigidity for penetration. At the end of sexual relations, it is sufficient to press the pump’s valve to deflate the device.

Patient satisfaction is a complex issue associated with a variety of factors such as post-operative pain, post-operative complications, cosmetic results, prosthesis function, ease of use and acceptance on the part of the sexual partner.

Penile prosthetics offer patients a very high level of satisfaction compared with other ED treatments.

Various studies have shown that around 70-90% of men and over 70% of their partners are fully satisfied. Incorrect implantation carried out by an inexpert surgeon can cause dislocation of the cylinders which then form genuine aneurysms associated with severe esthetic defects and which, above all, make it impossible to use the hydraulic device. The video shows how it is possible to reconstruct a cavernous apex following the dislocation of the prosthetic cylinder.