"Masterclass & Cadaver Workshop on penile implants"“Masterclass & Cadaver Workshop on penile implants”, held in Lisbon on 24 and 25 November 2023, was an event of relevance to the advancement of medical science. This event involved 20 delegates and featured interactive discussion groups, live discussion sessions, video sessions and practical experiences on cadavers.

Professor Antonini led the speakers, while Professor Nuno Tomada hosted the event, emphasising the importance of infrapubic approaches in penile prosthesis implantation. Urology residents from Lisbon had the opportunity to actively participate in the practical interventions, paving the way for greater understanding and competence in the procedure.

The event provided a practical and interactive learning platform, allowing participants to learn from experts in the field and directly engage with the latest methods and techniques in penile implants. Hands-on sessions on cadavers provided a hands-on experience, allowing trainees to hone their skills under the guidance of experienced professionals.

The affiliation with Boston Scientific added significant value to the event by providing access to cutting-edge resources and technologies in the field of penile implants. The synergy between academic knowledge and practical resources helped provide a comprehensive and in-depth perspective on this crucial procedure in urology.

In conclusion, the ‘Masterclass & cadaver workshop on penile implants’ in Lisbon provided a unique opportunity for urology residents to expand their skills through hands-on experience, in-depth discussions and direct interactions with internationally renowned experts, thus promoting the advancement of knowledge and skills in the field of penile implants.