Live Surgery: Landmark Event in Rome with Europe's Top ImplantologistsOn January 25, 2024, Rome was the stage for a premier medical event, featuring the participation of four of Europe’s top implantologists. Gabriele Antonini and Federico Deho from Italy, Daniar Osmonov from Germany, and Koenraad Van Renterghem from Belgium came together for an extraordinary meeting at the Clinica Nuova Villa Claudia, dedicated to live surgery on hydraulic penile implants.

This gathering was not only an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences but also a moment for collaboration and synergy among high-level professionals from different parts of Europe. With years of experience and expertise, these four surgeons are at the forefront of hydraulic penile implant technology, offering innovative solutions to enhance patients’ quality of life.

The choice of Clinica Nuova Villa Claudia as the venue for this event is significant. Known for its excellence and cutting-edge technology, the clinic provides an ideal environment for live surgery and the sharing of high-level medical knowledge.

Hydraulic penile implants represent a significant solution for patients suffering from severe erectile dysfunction unresponsive to other treatments. This advanced technology offers long-lasting and satisfying results, significantly improving patients’ quality of life.

For medical professionals and healthcare practitioners interested in urological surgery, this event represents a unique opportunity for learning and professional growth. Observing the best surgeons at work in real-time and having the opportunity to interact with them is an experience that will undoubtedly enrich the clinical practice of every participant.

The live surgery meeting in Rome with the four top European implantologists promises to be an extraordinary event in the field of medicine. Sharing knowledge, experiences, and innovations is crucial for the progress of medical practice and ensuring continuous improvement in patients’ quality of life. The collaboration among experts from different parts of Europe demonstrates the importance of sharing and synergy in achieving exceptional results in urological surgery.