Documentary film

Presentation of the first documentary film on the Hydraulic Penile Prosthesis Plant with the Mini Invasive Technique of Prof. Gabriele Antonini.

Chapter 1

Chapter 5 – (II) The morning of the intervention

Chapter 2
The interview

Chapter 6

Chapter 3
Luciano, 70 years old

Chapter 7

Chapter 4 – (I) The morning of the intervention

“Doctor” Testimonials

Prof. Paul Perito. Urologist Andrologist “Coral Gables Hospital”, Miami (Florida, USA)

Dott. Giuseppe Gentile.  Urologist Integrated Complex “Columbus Rome”, Rome

Prof. Stefano Bottari. Head of Surgery Nursing Home “Villa Tiberia”, Rome

Dott. Alessandro Oliverio, La Luz Clinic, Madrid, Spain

Dr. Giuseppe Torrini, Urologist, Andrologist, Rome

Dr. Massimo Mariani, Urologist
Dott. Stefano Bottari, Urologist
Dr. Jerome Graal, Urologist
Dott. Alessandro Oliverio, Plastic Surgeon

Training project N.A.S.A.

“Patients” Testimonials

Penile prosthesis erectile dysfunction impotence inability to erect