Eduard Ruiz Castañe, guest in Rome for infrapubic implantationIn the world of medicine, sharing knowledge among experts is essential to maintain high standards of care. A recent event brought together two luminaries in the field of urology: Eduard Ruiz Castañe, renowned urologist from Fundació Puigvert in Barcelona, and Gabriele Antonini, urologist at Quisisana Clinic in Rome.

The reason for their meeting in Rome was a course dedicated to penile prostheses with infrapubic access, an increasingly relevant procedure in the treatment of complex erectile dysfunctions. Dr. Ruiz Castañe, with his extensive experience at one of the most respected urological institutions, shared in-depth knowledge about advanced techniques used in his daily practice in Barcelona.

Dr. Antonini, the organizer of the course and prominent urologist at Quisisana Clinic, created a valuable opportunity for debate and the exchange of ideas among industry professionals. Infrapubic access is a methodology that can significantly enhance the effectiveness of penile prostheses, and the sharing of practical experiences is crucial to ensure the best possible care for patients.

This meeting between the two experts has contributed to strengthening ties between prominent medical institutions in Europe, promoting a constructive exchange of skills and opening new perspectives for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions. The synergy between Eduard Ruiz Castañe and Gabriele Antonini is a tangible example of how collaboration among professionals from different regions can lead to significant progress in the field of urological medicine.

In conclusion, the event in Rome represented a unique opportunity to learn from two authoritative figures in the field of penile prostheses, laying the groundwork for future developments and improvements in the management of erectile dysfunctions through innovative approaches.