Live Surgery in Rome with the 4 Top European implantersOn January 25, 2024, Rome will be the stage for a top-tier medical event: a live surgery meeting at the Clinica Nuova Villa Claudia, dedicated to hydraulic penile prosthesis implants. This gathering will actively involve four renowned implantologists from different parts of Europe.

Gabriele Antonini from Italy, Daniar Osmonov from Germany, David Ralph from England, and Koenraad Van Renterghem from Belgium represent the best in the European landscape in this field. Their presence ensures a broad perspective on the latest innovations and practices in penile implant surgery.

The conference will focus on delving into the technologies and methodologies related to hydraulic penile prosthesis implants, providing a unique opportunity for industry specialists to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Clinica Nuova Villa Claudia, renowned for its excellence in urological surgery, offers an ideal environment for this high-level meeting. Participants will have the opportunity to witness live surgical procedures, attend detailed presentations, and engage in interactive question-and-answer sessions with the experts.

This event serves as an extraordinary opportunity for industry specialists, enabling them to access the latest information in the field of hydraulic penile prosthesis implants and deepen their understanding of the most advanced surgical practices.

In conclusion, the live surgery meeting in Rome represents an unprecedented opportunity for urological surgery professionals to interact with European leaders in the field of hydraulic penile prosthesis implants and contribute to the continuous growth of medical knowledge in this rapidly evolving sector.