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logo_sapienzaUniversity Masters can be first or second level. At the first level Master you can be accessed if you have at least a bachelor’s degree; Master the second level you can only access if holding a master’s degree (or master) or a degree of “old order.”

Dott. Gabriele Antonini Urologist Andrologist Rome-Dentures-penile-Induratio-Penis-Plastic-Erectile-DysfunctionAndrology is becoming increasingly important both from the increased demand for performance, both for the development of new forms of therapy, both medical and surgical. The objective of the Master is to provide students with the skills necessary for a modern and comprehensive approach to the patient with sexual dysfunction and reproduction, promoting, at the same time, the acquisition of knowledge of diagnostic and treatment options available, with particular reference to surgical techniques.

Faculty Medicine and Dentistry Office Master Roma 60 CREDITS UNIVERSITY

Gabriele Antonini scientific coordinator and surgeon operator in the university master’s degree in “andrology surgical reconstructive and implant prosthetics”

Carries out training of improvement in andrological surgical techniques and teaches the minimally invasive approach of penile prosthesis implantation hydraulic three-component medical specialists who come from all over Italy.


Proposal Tutor – Training Project N.A.S.A. –
National Academy for Surgical Andrology – Year 2015/2016

Dr. Antonini is responsible for the second consecutive year at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome of the Itinerant course in surgery Andrology NASA

National Academy for Surgical Andrology Memorial Edward Austoni

The educational project is dedicated to the memory of Prof. Edward Austoni that, during his presidential SIA biennium, conceived and realized the European Itinerant School of Andrology. That experience allowed the pioneering surgical training of many young urologists who, after more than 10 years, now make up a significant part of the surgical component of our Company.

NASA, now in its second edition, is proponedi offer shareholders more young people the opportunity to actively visit some of the main centers of reference for the Italian Andrology Surgery.

The format includes the involvement of host 22 seats are distributed among six geographic regions of the national territory. Each area will host a monthly basis, for 2 consecutive days, a different group of 2/3 students, offering them a real “full immersion” surgical. The participants, divided into 6 groups of 2/3, will visit each month a different geographical area, participating personally to surgical activities.

At the end of the course, the participants will thus have been able to appreciate the similarities and differences between the various sites visited and, no less importantly, they will have had the opportunity to meet many colleagues, with proven experience, with which we can develop future collaborations professional.

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