The first contact between a patient and the receiving structure of a doctor, is necessarily a telephone …

University Masters

University Masters can be first or second level. At the first level Master can be accessed if you …

Livestream, live interventions

Attention videos contain real operating images. 

Condemned live

Every morning of every day, they wake up many men who, by the mere fact of opening their eyes, turn off the bud …

TV interviews

TV interviews. Released to the various international newspapers, talking about erectile dysfunction.


Attention videos contain real operating images. 


To receive information or request an appointment.


More and more men also young people who, dissatisfied with their own measures, asking for help to the surgeon …

International collaborations

Always continues with many important awards International cooperation Dr. Antonini.

F.A.Q. prosthesis

Some answers on the Hydraulic Penile Prosthesis